Join The Village:

Since 2008, Forward Edge has been conducting a program in Nicaragua for at-risk girls who once lived in or around the main Managua garbage dump. For almost 10 years, Villa Esperanza, or Hope Village, has been a place of healing and transformation for these girls. Many have formed genuine relationships with Jesus, several have graduated high school, and some are now attending college. One of the first girls to enter the Villa program—Katherine—is getting married to a fine young man this October. Without question, the Villa is changing lives!

And there’s a reason the Villa program is so successful: it is holistic. By that I mean it provides for much more than just the girls’ physical needs, i.e. food, shelter, safe drinking water, and health care. It also addresses their emotional, psychological, educational, and spiritual needs…needs that are far more acute than those of the average child given these girls’ horrific backgrounds.

This extraordinarily high quality of care, though, requires extraordinary resources, both human and financial. The old African proverb—“It takes a village to raise a child”—says it well. And, in the case of Villa Esperanza, that village needs to be much larger than the Villa’s dedicated staff.

That’s why we’re launching the “Join The Village!” Campaign. This campaign—which will last for at least five months—is designed to recruit hundreds more “villagers” to join in the extraordinary work God is doing at Villa Esperanza.

Our goal: 400 more “villagers” giving on a monthly basis to help sustain the Villa program—now, and for generations to come. If you’re not “a villager” yet, I hope you’ll take this opportunity to become one. 

Thank you in advance for prayerfully considering this unique opportunity to transform lives!     
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