Staying on the “forward edge”:

There are times in all our lives when God invites us to follow Him into new and uncharted territory. Invariably, that means letting go of what’s familiar, what’s comfortable, and/or what has “worked for us” in the past. 

To illustrate this reality, I recently shared with the Forward Edge board and management team the story told in Acts 15. In this story, the early Church believers were faced with the question of whether or not Gentiles should be required to be circumcised. We see these early Christ followers entering into a time of deep listening. They listened to the conversion experiences of the Gentiles…to Peter’s sense of personal calling to the Gentiles…to Paul and Barnabas’ descriptions of signs and wonders…and to James’ exposition of Scripture connecting these experiences to the words of the prophets in the Old Testament.

Finally, after all that listening, James took the risk of sharing what he believed God was saying to them: that they shouldn’t impose any requirements on the Gentiles beyond the essentials of the faith. It then became clear to everyone that God was indeed calling them to bring the Gospel not only to the Jews, but to the Gentiles as well—a decision that would change the course of human history.

Because God is infinitely creative and dynamic, He is always doing new things (Isaiah 43:19). And if we’re going to stay dynamic and fruitful as His followers, we need to be willing to embrace whatever “new thing” He might want to do in and through us. In short, we need to live on “life’s forward edge.”

Over the past 33 years, God has repeatedly invited the ministry of Forward Edge to follow Him into new and uncharted territory. How might He be inviting you to do the same? 

Joseph Anfuso
Founder and President