Could you imagine everything you own being washed away? In a flash you’ve lost all your food, clothing, furniture, and prized possessions? This is what many Cubans had to face after Hurricane Matthew tore across their small country.

We’ve talked a lot about the devastating impact Hurricane Matthew had on Haiti last October, but Cuba was hit hard by this storm as well. 

Forward Edge partner in Cuba, Pastor Alex Coronado (right), distributing food and cooking supplies to hurricane victims.

There are hundreds of thousands of people who lost their roofs, or had their homes damaged or completely destroyed. And thousands lost their livelihoods because of damage to agriculture. Today, many Cubans are still in the process of recovering.

Forward Edge Senior Program Officers for Cuba, Wendell Robinson (left) and Jeff Thompson (hat) stand with pastors in front of one of their destroyed churches.

To aid in the recovery, Forward Edge supporters like you sent down $15,000 to help distribute needed supplies and start rebuilding efforts. Our partners in Cuba distributed towels, soap, sheets, blankets, clothing, cooking oil and supplies to families who lost everything in the storm. We also provided construction funds to help restore homes for 16 different pastors. Restoring these pastors’ homes frees them up to support the material and spiritual needs of their church and community members. This sort of pay-it-forward, ripple effect is a beautiful thing to witness. As we restore and empower a few, we strengthen them to do the same for many.

Thank you for partnering with us to make this disaster relief in Cuba possible. Together, we are restoring families and communities and empowering them to live out their God-given potential.

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