Meet Dan and Mary Vahalla, a couple who has stepped out in faith to grow their “family.” This is their story:

We’d like to share with you the amazing experience we’ve had sponsoring “our daughter” from Forward Edge’s program for at-risk girls in Managua, Nicaragua called Villa Esperanza (Hope Village). Iliana joined our family a few years ago when we followed God’s call to become her sponsor. When we first decided to sponsor Iliana we didn’t know at the time that this beautiful, persevering young girl would steal our hearts. We’ve been blessed to be able to watch Iliana grow and blossom into a young woman of Christ. Walking alongside her through this time has given us the opportunity to adopt her as our daughter in Christ. We consider her part of our family now, and she considers us part of hers.

Sponsoring a child through Forward Edge is like no other sponsorship program; this is because we’ve actually had several opportunities to spend cherished time with Iliana. Last year she was selected to speak at the Forward Edge Live Your Mission Banquet. While she was in the States, she was able to visit our home in Southern California! We’ve also been able to go spend time with Iliana at the Villa in Nicaragua.

Throughout this sponsorship, we’ve been blessed to see a once-frightened little girl—rescued from a life of surviving in a city dump—grow into an amazing, God-loving young woman brave enough to share her story in front of hundreds at the banquet, and is now studying pediatric nursing at a local university! Having the opportunity to encourage Iliana in her spiritual and educational pursuits has been an eye-opening experience. When God’s hand is involved, beautiful things happen.

Recently God has once again made our hearts heavy with the great need of sponsors for many other children at Villa Esperanza and other Forward Edge programs around the world. That’s why we’ve decided to sponsor a second child. We look forward to once again relishing in the fact that Christ will certainly shine His light upon our growing family. We can’t wait to see what God has in store for this precious new child “adopted” into our family.

We encourage you, if you currently sponsor a child, to consider growing your family along with us by sponsoring a second child. If committing another $38 a month is too much, please consider becoming a Village Partner for $25/month or inviting a friend to be a child sponsor with you.

And if you don’t sponsor a child yet, we invite you to because you won’t regret it. For less than the cost of two coffees a week, you can literally change a child’s life, as well as your own. Please join us in changing the world one young person at a time! Thank you!

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