Meet Pedro.

He’s lived alone for 40 years in Patton Village, a rural community on the outskirts of Houston. Pedro lost his home to Hurricane Harvey in late September. The damage was so severe that FEMA deemed his home uninhabitable, along with all the other homes on his street. They were all soon bulldozed, and Pedro has been sleeping in a tent or in his car ever since.

Pedro showers at the local courthouse and has received zero financial aid from FEMA to rebuild. The devastation for Pedro and others in Patton Village was so severe that it inspired this letter from its mayor:

“The City of Patton Village, Texas is a rural community on the outskirts of Houston. We have  a LMI (low to moderate income) rate of 61% with a poverty rate of 34.9%. Our population consists of a large number of elderly and single parent households. Our citizens, though poor, are very kind and compassionate. The citizens of our city were ravaged by Hurricane Harvey from Sept. 26th through Sept. 30th and were inundated with approximately 50 inches of rain.

The poorest of our city were devastated the worst because they reside along the creek. Their little, meager homes were damaged beyond repair and every remnant of their lives was lost. We have some citizens that remain in hotels while others are basically homeless, living from friend to friend. 190 homes in our city took on substantial amounts of flood water. The REAL tragedy is that they have nowhere to go, nowhere to call home.

It is organizations like yours that are our only hope. In an effort to bring our citizens back, we must help them build safe housing on the property they own. Although these properties are in the floodway, they can be built above base flood elevation (BFE) if we are able to find funding, supplies and volunteers. These citizens had no insurance, received very little or NO FEMA assistance and have no money available to them. It would be amazing if your organization and its sponsors could assist in placing the poorest of the poor back in a home.”

Leah Tarrant, CMO

We’re honored to respond to Mayor Tarrant’s request. Our first Harvey relief team recently returned from serving in Patton Village, helping to build a new home for Pedro and other “kind and compassionate” citizens of the city. And our hope is to send many more teams like this one in 2018.

When Mayor Tarrant said, “It is organizations like yours that are our only hope,” in reality, that hope depends on people like you: Forward Edge partners who make this work possible.
Pedro on his property with a team who broke ground on his new home.
Pedro on his property with a team who broke ground on his new home.

Your prayers and support are what enable us to provide relief to folks like Pedro and communities like Patton Village. Thank you!

But Pedro’s home is not done yet, and many more hurricane victims in Texas and Puerto Rico need our continued help in 2018. Please consider a generous year-end gift today to Forward Edge, and together, we can help rebuild homes and lives.

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